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Your credit card temporarily suspended. I incorrectly entered password several times and now login suspended locked. Activation takes just minutes. More info about verified visa visa has always made your security top priority. Td canada trust has partnered with verified visa bring you increased security online requiring password before every online purchase. Verified visa vbv mastercard securecode diners club protectbuy. Verified visa makes harder for your visa card used lost stolen. If you have not previously activated your card for online shopping you will have activate for this feature. Verified visa service allows you create password and protects your online transactions just like you use your pin the atm.Onetime activation required. It says bank decline. Also verified visa. Usable only verified visa sites this service through simple checkout process confirms your identity when you make purchases. Upon activation verified visa protects you every participating online store. Activate verified visa while you shop you may prompted activate your visa card during the checkout process one our participating online merchants